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People normally get confused on what fumigation really is. Sometimes the term fumigation is used when doing a spray treatment for cockroaches but in actual fact the term fumigation means the act of introducing a toxic chemical in an enclosed space in such a manner that it disperses quickly and acts on the target pest in the gaseous or vapour state. Fumigation is one of the methods for controlling pests in stored products it is also a method for killing certain wood destroying organisms.

Stored product pests would include Angoimois grain moth, Indian meal moth, Tropical warehouse moth, Tobacco moth, Grain weevils, Bean and pea weevils, Lesser grain borer, Trogoderma beetles, flour beetles, tobacco beetles, flat grain beetles, Cadelle beetle and larger grain borer.

Wood destroying organisms would include, the Italian beetle- old house borer, The brown house borer, the warf borer, Cerambycid pests, furniture beetles, the pink anobiid, powder post beetles, long horned beetle, The cossonid wood borer, Shot-hole borer, Jewel beetles, bark beetles, pin-hole borers, hide and skin beetles and carpenter bees.

Signs of infestation will vary depending on the insect, but common signs for wood destroying organisms are sawdust or droppings underneath timber and warping of timber. Signs for stored product pests are holes in the product, webbings in the product, worms in the product, insects amongst the product.


The biggest reason is because they can destroy your stock, by eating it, laying eggs in the stock and contaminating your stock. Stored product insects can create an enormous amount of profit loss.

Wood destroying organisms is simple – they can cause thousands of Rand’s damage to your wooden structures, whether it be furniture, wooden floors or roof trusses.

Insects amongst the product causes allergies and is not pleasant to eat.

Depending on the insect there are various different treatment options, for stored product insects the most common method would be methyl bromide fumigation or phostoxin fumigation.

If you find wood destroying organisms in your house the only treatment option would be methyl bromide fumigation, which entails covering your house with a tarpaulin and releasing the methyl bromide fumigant into the house and exposing it for 48 hours, then removing the tent for aeration.

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