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The definition of a weed is any plant growing where it is not wanted can be considered to be a weed, it can be exotic/alien (imported) or indigenous. A weed can be any plant growing where it is not wanted. This term suggests we have the right in deciding what plants are weeds. This is only the case when the species in question are not declared weeds or invader plants. The term weed therefore covers all unwanted plants and their variety ranges from herbs to trees.

The realities of the detrimental influence of undesirable or problem plants on the natural resources of South Africa are well known and are documented in popular, technical and scientific publications. The mandate to combat these plants rests with the act on the Conservation of Agricultural Resources, 1983 (Act 43 of 1983) where they are defined as weeds and invaders plants. The unfortunate universal situation is that in many countries including South Africa, plants of the alien origin tend to spread and invade ecosystems and become problem plants in areas away from their natural habitats.

Weeds can damage the image of your business because it is seen as untidy and bad housekeeping. Weeds will also reduce the density of your lawn and attract other insects. We use herbicides to control weeds from growing and spreading. We mostly use herbicides that kill germinating seeds as well as the growing weeds for long term control. It is advisable to repeat the treatment on an ongoing basis to prevent the weeds from coming back.

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